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Please don't re-post romaji lyrics here elsewhere. For your personal use means just save it for yourself, not for you to re-post it on your blog or submit it to other site. Please tell me if you spot any wrong or error lyrics ;)

Also don't copy my release date page. Sad that people just think about easy step rather than DIY. Well, I know that my effort won't betray but it's piss me off to see my hard work being copied just like that on other site or blog.

I update this blog when my mood is good. I just post lyrics from song that I like. Other lyrics like anime songs is just follow the trend and also requests from friends (if you visit my blog then you are my friend hha!). From now on, I don't take requests anymore.

You'll find many uncompleted lyrics here. Yeah I was too greedy to think that the song or lyrics will available soon online but reality is not always like what we want it to be, right? But I'll keep doing this hha ;p Usually this is the case :
  • Song and lyrics is not available because the song itself is still unreleased.
  • Song available, lyrics not available online.
  • Song is not available on my storage, lyrics available online. I must hear the song to complete the lyrics.
  • Both song and lyrics are available but I forget to complete it or I did it on purpose. Copy pasters watch this blog for sure hha ;)
I hate when people use my works on karaoke apps. At least tell me if you want to use it or don't copy paste the lyrics, just save the page or save it on your note. Musixmatch, Smule, etc. You can use the lyrics for video but don't attach the lyrics on description, make it hardsub. I want to avoid duplicate contents so this blog can run longer.

Don't use this blog as source of color code distribution parts. Usually I just guess it based on my knowledge about seiyuu's voice. I know some of you will find it annoying but I want to make this blog colorful lol lol I don't know how to explain but I like colorful things. I usually color them based on their hair color ww (not all but mostly, because some of them have official color).

Donate to this blog. You can donate to this blog like song, lyrics or money. Send any song or lyrics to admin@chachajjang.infoIf you want to donate money, no need to send me e-mail. Just click cdjapan link from here if you want to purchase and the other one, yeah you know that. If you still confuse, just ask me.

I know many of you swore at me because I protect the page but it's just javascript and you can easily break it. If you don't know how to copy, just ask me, no need to throw a tantrum. It's not good for your health. Tips : use Google Chrome then press CTRL P.

Thank you very much for visiting and donating to this blog. I'm so sorry because the last three months I was not very active (sick, lazy, busy, on vacation, etc). I hope this year will be better hihi love you all ;)

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