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Back to old notice, everyone : don't re-post romaji lyrics here elsewhere. For your personal use means just save it for yourself, not for you to repost it on your blog or submit it to other site. Ah, I know you won't obey this anyway, I just test your personality. It's pretty bad, huh?

From June, 2017 : no more color code, no more italic, I will stop being extra. It require more time and maybe I'll leave the information as well, just lyrics alone or maybe (again) I will use any romaji converter then just copy paste the result into my blog without editing or without listen to the actual song. Isn't it really easy?

If you found that new posts is in color coded, I guess, it's just my habit.

Because my net name is common, I just want to tell you that I don't have twitter or instagram account with this blog's name. My social accounts (passive) : Google+, Soundcloud.

Same old : I may move to this blog 
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