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[2017.04.14] Hello, thank you for viewing this page. I kinda hesitate that "should I make this announcement or not" because who am I, really? hahah. Okay, this is just for people who care about this blog. To the point :

So I won't post any new lyrics from now on. Beside being lazy, my health is the main reason here (is this my punishment being lazy, my god?). I'm typing this with my left hand because I can't move my right hand right now. I'm kidding, I can move it but it's... hurt. Oh my precious, hello doctor!

Earlier this month I said that I will post Starmyu, Alive & SolidS series, SideM series lyrics but I have to cancel it, so you guys better search other blog or website to replace or maybe you want to set up new blog like this to help your kind? Doing this kind of thing is fun, except copy paster tho.

Hahah, you think I stalk people or whatever but I just found it all accidentally. God show me that (thanks my god!). Even I already warned them to stop, but they just... sigh. If you think romanize lyrics is easy, go ahead do it yourself. I'm sure tho that they fckin read the warning, do you know what they do next? They purposely change some line's order or text transform from lower to upper.

How can you be that shameless, guys? Do you think I can't recognize it? Tsk tsk. Anyway, please refrain yourself re-posting lyrics from here, to maintain this blog's existent XDDw I make this blog to help you singing japanese songs, not for your blog material.

I'm not going to disappear, I just stop posting lyrics.
Ah, I can't live without internet!

For my main donators, thank you very much : Erwinさん, QQさま, Likkaちゃん, 수정양, 엘린양, Naomiさま, Marnieさま, さっちゃん♥, God bless you all. My friends all over the world, sa-yo-na-ra!!!!!

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