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Please do not repost or submit romaji lyrics here elsewhere, including your requests. I assume when you request here, you'll use it for yourself, not for you to repost it on your blog or submit it to other sites or for your video on youtube etc.


I said previously that I won't do color code anymore but now I begin to do it again. Actually I like colorful thing so without cc this blog become dull imo hha. Also because sometimes I'm not careful, I can easily make mistake when romanize the lyrics. If you spot inaccurate or wrong romanization, I'd be really thankful if you report it to me ^^;;

Don't ask about translation and download link or I'll give you annoying answer or ignore it. Many people ask me where they can download songs from the lyrics that I posted on my blog through comment and email. Here I give you options where to get the music, obviously some of it are not free :
  1. Buy the (physical) cd.
  2. Buy the song on digital stores (itunes, ototoy, mora, etc).
  3. Subscribe apple music (remember : japan region)
  4. Free option, subscribe spotify free acc (tho I don't really recommend this)
  5. If you want free music, you can search it on free music download sites or free streaming sites.
I always say this : if you really like the music please purchase it to support the singer and company. If you want freebies then wait for free music download sites to upload it for you. There will always kind people who want to share their collection, don't worry. If you want it that badly and you can't wait, buy it. Problem 100% solved.

I don't have affiliate with any music companies. When a character get featured on my blog's sidebar, it’s just my way to promote my favorite character and their unit. That's all. It’s nothing to do with their label and I don't get any benefit from it.

This blog's only one affiliate is with cdjapan. If you purchase cd there with my affiliate link, I will get points. If you want to support this blog, make sure you click cdjapan link from here before you make a purchase.

I don't have twitter or instagram account with this blog's name. It's just because this blog's name is very common name sobs or more precisely my name is a common name sobs again (chacha is my name, jjang means the best in korean language).

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Chacha JJ
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