This page contains information about this blog. I don't think this information is necessary, but if you curious how I run and mantains this blog for more than three years until I quit and maybe can encourage some of you to make similar blog to help others who can't read original japanese lyrics, please continue.


The most important thing that you must prepare is time. A simple reason why I make this blog is because I can't find lyrics of japanese songs that I like. I still not fluent to read kanji, so I prefer romaji lyrics if I want to sing japanese song. Instead save it on my drafts, I wonder if someone also need the lyrics that's why I start publish it on a blog. Then I have many visitors and also can make friends so I keep doing this.

Yeah, the most annoying thing is when people start to copy paste your romanization to other sites. If you okay with this so it's fine, but for me, I really hate it. If you also hate it but still want to share, just tell yourself that you did a good work that's why people always copy it. I want to tell you, to romanize japanese lyrics seems easy but actually it takes a lot of time. It's really easy if you use converter and then just post it without checking the lyrics right or not. So, this is how I work :

Aww I use ainana stickers but this one is from A3! wkwkwk

  1. Time, time, time, a lot of time
  2. I will prepare song that I want to romanize its lyrics
  3. Then I prepare original japanese lyrics (see sources below this), it's really tiring if it's from lyrics card / cd booklet
  4. Start romanize the lyrics, manually or with converter (converter sure is fast, I use this when the lyrics is really long like Hypnosismic or I'm lazy)
  5. Romanization is finish then check the lyrics while playing the song. You must really careful in this part, if you think the song is too fast, just adjust the speed (the slow down one)
  6. If you think it's all good then you just have to publish it!
Imagine that you spent lots of time to provide good transliteration to your visitors and already told them in the post to not copy paste or repost the lyrics to other sites, but they still do it, in a minute. One song can take up to 15 minutes and then they post it in their blog or other sites in a minute? Usually the reason is that actually they want to share it to other people or want to contribute to other sites like wikia, then just share my blog url, you cowards. Can you just leave the lyrics on my blog?!ㅠ

Ah but this is my fault, right, because I post copyright material (even tho it's not in original form), without permission from its owner, to help people and for promotional only in disguise, so this is what I got hahah. Eh but I really want to help you all thoㅠ In the end, you just have to let it go and move on.


I'm also happy to build engagement with my visitors. My visitors are my friends XDD (lmao ngaku-ngaku lu ya!). Ah, but if I think someone is annoying, I won't reply tho. I'm sorry if I ever say harsh thing to you in comments or email replies, but overall I'm a good person #slap. From this engagement, I meet many people, thank you for whoever find my blog, leave comment and be a regular visitor. There's many good people in this world more than you think. It's also good if you can speak and understand other languages, maybe someday it can help you. Says someone who don't even bother to level up her japanese language skill wkwkwkwk. That's all, thanks for reading. Please take care of your health, everyone. Being healthy is the bestㅠ


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