Hello, my lovely friends all over the world. Maybe for regular visitors, this news is a has been topic. I attempted many times to leave this blog but failed. Mainly because of my lovely friends, I really love you all. But seems like this time I'm already at my limit. I know very well when I share something, problem like this can't be avoided, but still...

As you know, I'm okay if you want to copy one or two of my transliteration, but when you did it continuously it's really hurt my heart. I already state in the post body that please don't repost or submit the romaji lyrics elsewhere yet some people still do it. This isn't apply for people who told me first if they want to repost it tho but I also told them to not repost too much from here.

On other hand, I don't care if you credit me or not (well basically I can recognize my transliterations even if you change the lyrics order, a bit or a lot!), just don't repost or submit my transliterations from this blog to anywhere in the first place. Simple, right? I guess the temptation is really big. There are many transliteration tools if you don't understand or can't read the original kanji lyrics. You can use it without copy my contents yet some of you choose the simple way. That's your nature character, huh? It's so sad, you know.

A few days ago I found accidentally (again) someone copied my transliteration of IDOLiSH7 (not one or two but many). I was speechless ha ha ha. Before that, tsukipro accidents. I posted Tsukipro series lyrics, they copied it. I post B-Project lyrics, they copied it. I posted anime lyrics, they copied it. I posted rejet lyrics, they copied it. Not same people tho, to their own blog, smule account, wikia, youtube, animethemesongs, etc. Oh yeah now I won't provide it anymore, please be happy. But here are my future plans :
  • I will update any incomplete lyrics as soon as possible (jangan terlalu berharap juga deh) and check the error of the existing lyrics.
  • I'll still respond your email and comments if I happen to check this account.
Sigh, I even make new blog to separate post between my fave songs and regular songs (mostly request from my friends) but I have to hold that plan for now. I already posted some lyrics there, you can check it if you want, CLICK!. It's not impossible for me to comeback. My friends, you know me, right? Hahahah.

Last, thank you very very very much for all of your supports to this blog. To the sponsors who trust me and voluntary share their cd collections (songs and booklet cds). Your files are safe with me, okay?! To the sponsors who donate money to keep this blog alive and help me to buy the cds. To my regular visitors who spare their free time to regularly visit this blog. If you visit this blog once a day, it's enough to keep this blog alive forever. To copypasters, I hate you, but thank you, seems like you found my works is good enough that's why you copy my contents, right? I'm proud of myself lmao. To people who buy stuffs on cdjapan with my affiliate link, thank you very much for supporting the singers and their company. I love you all, bye bye!

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