Don't copy any romaji lyrics from this blog to your blog or other sites. If you like this blog please respect my rule. If you spot inaccurate or wrong romanization, I'd be really thankful if you report it to me ^^;;

For any incomplete lyrics, I'm sorry. It's just because I'm lazy to update it or simply because I don't want to share it to public. I will update it sooooon okaaaaaay, I believe this will take time because I have to check other lyrics too. Any page with star sign in it, it means the lyrics is not official or just earcopy.

Don't ask about translation and download link or I'll give you annoying answer or I simply delete it. Many people ask me where they can download songs from the lyrics that I posted on my blog through comment and email. Here I give you options where to get the music, obviously some of it are not free :
  • Buy the physical cd (recommended!)
  • Buy the song on digital stores (itunes, ototoy, mora, etc)
  • Subscribe apple music (plz select japan region)
  • Free option, subscribe spotify free account (plz select japan region)
  • Other country also has japanese music available but not many because of copyright.
If you want free music, you can search it on free music download sites or free streaming sites. If you really like the music please purchase it to support the singer and company. If you want freebies then wait for free music download sites to upload it for you. There will always kind people who want to share their collection, don't worry. If you want it that badly and you can't wait, buy it. Problem 100% solved!

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