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Disclaimer & Original Lyrics Sources

All lyrics and images that I posted here are the property and copyright of their respective owners and used for promotional purposes only. All lyrics that you found in this blog are to help non japanese to sing along their favorite song easily. No copyright infringement intended. All information are from various sources, so it can be wrong. I don't have any intention to spread false information. Don't take any information from here if you not trust this blog, any correction are very welcome^^〜*

This is the list of sources where I look up the lyrics "mostly" for my blog. I don't copy the original kanji lyrics, I just did the romanization. There's no way I can update my blog without them, thank you very much! I'm aware that some lyrics that I posted contains bad words or erotic meaning, but for any further use is not my responsibility :

歌詞検索サービス 歌ネット
うたまっぷ 歌詞を無料で検索表⽰
歌詞ナビ 無料歌詞検索サービス
プチリリ 歌詞投稿コミュニティ
アニ歌詞PV アニソン・キャラソン歌詞パート分け無料視聴
歌詞カード / CDブックレット
アメブロユーザー, 네●●, 다●● 블로그 사용자들과 알●● 사용자들(രᴗര๑)♡
Official video lyrics (official acc, not fans acc)
Earcopy / 耳コピ
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