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All lyrics and images that I posted here are the property and copyright of their respective owners and used for promotional purposes only. All the lyrics found in this blog are to help non japanese to sing along their favorite song easily. No copyright infringement intended. Also all information are from various sources, so it can be wrong. I don't have any intention to spread false information. Don't take any information from here if you don't trust this blog. Any correction are very welcome^^~*

Lyrics sources are from various japanese lyrics services, personal blogs, lyrics card/booklet cd and earcopy. Sometimes the sources posted wrong lyrics (just a little part of it), I believe that japanese lyrics service's mistake was unintentionally (because they posted many lyrics at the same time) but I doubt it's the same case for personal blogs. Nowadays, many of them (author) posted the lyrics based on earcopy but they didn't tell the visitor about it at all.

I even notice that some of them use the transliteration from this blog then change it to kanji version. I'm not mad at all but at least you tell us or other visitor that it's not official lyrics from the booklet. I realize that I also did the same. I thought I already did the right thing just because I put the sources on my disclaimer. I will re-organize the posts about this information.

I realized that sometimes I reduce/adding/change the lyrics from the official. It's because (sometimes, yes) the lyrics in the song is slightly different. They added adlib or background lyrics or I didn't hear the part (that supposed to be in the song) written on the booklet. But still, the lyrics belong to its owner. If anyone offended by this, please contact me by leave a comment or send private email, thanks.

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